Production Company

With more than 100 fitness titles in its portfolio, WIN has mastered the art of fitness production. As a Full Service Fitness Production Company, WIN offers a suite of solutions to meet the client’s production needs under one roof.

It starts with overall strategic planning that factors in a cohesive budget, schedule, talent, creative, marketing tactics, market place conditions, social media possibilities, distribution realities and a host of other considerations to produce success. Available creative and editorial services allow for the development and production of trailers, commercials and marketing materials for on air and online campaigns.

WIN consistently delivers the highest quality, industry leading expertise in creative, production and post-production services for high-end instructional fitness DVDs. WIN is a complete fitness production company located conveniently in the heart of West Hollywood with a full staff who maintain its four stages, lighting, camera and sound equipment as well as in-house post-production with a dozen edit bays and ADR capabilities.

WIN is with involved every step of the way with an experienced and dedicated team of designers and programmers to develop branding, packaging and websites both as direct sales eCommerce platforms and online subscription services. This team works directly with the social media, public relations and media buying team – making WIN the one-stop full service fitness production company powerhouse, guiding your project from inception to distribution.


Our full-service 15,000 square foot studio is conveniently located in the heart of West Hollywood. Both clients and talent agree - shooting at WIN TV West Hollywood is always a comfortable and  effortless experience. So take advantage of our diverse sound stages, whether your shooting dancing or cooking, a magazine cover or an interview, we have a flexible space that can easily adapt to any look.

Need something larger? We have an unsurpassed knowledge of surrounding locations, as well as strong relationship with sound stages throughout Los Angeles and New York.


Meet WIN's Director & Producer

Darren Capik is the Founder and President of Watch It Now Entertainment, a full-service health and fitness media company that has produced titles from Bob Harper, Billy Blanks, George St-Pierre, Brooke Burke, Sting and Trudie Styler, Tara Stiles and Madonna to name a few.  As the creative force behind the company, Capik’s role spans all aspects of the innovative process- directing, producing, direct response business, from creating products to advertising, media buying, operations, international distribution, and general management.   As an athlete, gym owner, cyclist and avid crossfitter Capik feels the need to bring a certain creativity into the marketplace that would influence the consumer and guide them to healthy and fit lives. With 10 years of creative output, he has nurtured a library of fitness media that has delivered impressive results. WIN Entertainment is a full-service fitness and health media company specializing in creative design, production design, production, post-production, packaging, web design, marketing, PR, direct sales, fulfillment and distribution.  WIN’s foundation is comprised of multiple stages and onsite equipment house on a 15,000 sq foot studio complex in the heart of West Hollywood.  The ability to complete every aspect of a client’s project under one roof is a living dream of Capik’s.

Work For Hire

With more than 10 years of producing celebrity and brand driven programming, including such high profile names as Sting and Trudie, Julianne Hough, ELLE magazine, and Madonna (to name only a few), the team at WIN has unparalleled experience in the industry for identifying, connecting and economically securing top talent and brands for fitness programming, with an online reel to prove it.

In addition, WIN uses its connectivity to major brands in the health and fitness space to secure strategic partners for promotion, distribution, services or funds.