WIN’s full-service social media team has a proven track record of rapid community building, branded content development, social engagement optimization, metric identification and accurate reporting. Every detail is planned out strategically to yield the highest possible growth without compromising the client’s brand identity.

Social Branding

Your consumer needs to recognize you. Having a consistent brand identity is as critical for social media as it is for any other outlet (advertising, packaging, etc.). Nothing is overlooked, our social branding services take every detail into consideration, from the pages avatar – to the vanity URL.

Content Development

Think before you Tweet. Content is the crucible of all social media marketing (SMM). WIN’s content development is run similar to an editorial calendar, where content is strategically laid out in advance. However, unlike a magazine, messaging is consistently adapted to consumer feedback to optimize engagement.

Community Building

Bigger is better. WIN’s social toolbox, innovative creative and media assets allow us to increase social networks at an impressive rate. Our methods work because we are constantly listening, analyzing and adapting to deliver what fans, followers and viewers want.

Engagement Optimization

Get people talking. Amassing a following of 1M will lend credibility to a brand; however, if the followers are not engaged those numbers will not result in brand sells.  It is crucial to develop a relationship and trust.

Case study: Bob Harper’s Smart Success Product Launch

Project started on May 2, 2011 with a goal to build dedicated social networks to support the launch and ongoing social marketing of the Bob Harper’s Smart Success supplement line. Since this was a new brand, WIN’s social team created every aspect of its social media space and within three months had built a following of 59,473 Facebook fans, 8,439 Twitter followers and its YouTube Channel became a partner with 101,244 upload views.

Case study: Georges St-Pierre – UFC 129 Social Marketing Campaign

Project started on February 10, 2011 to leverage UFC 129 to enhance Georges St-Pierre’s social networks. It began with a Facebook following of 1.091M Facebook fans (only 79,436 were monthly active users) and 111,852 Twitter followers. At the time, GSP had not yet developed a YouTube Channel. Four months later, GSP’s Facebook following increased by 907,221 users (83.12%), while the monthly active users rose by 1,188,865 (1,596.63%); his Twitter account increased by 96,261 (46.25%); and his YouTube Channel became a partner with 1.349M upload views.

Case study: Jabbawockeez, Pre-Launch Engagement Optimization

Project started on February 29, 2012 to optimize social engagement leading up to a Fall 2012 product launch. It began with a Facebook following of 3.197M Facebook fans (only 716,645 were monthly active users) and 193,405 Twitter followers. Three months later, the Jabbawockeez Facebook following increased by 178,016 users 5.57%, while the monthly active users rose by 1,473,782 (136.91%); the Twitter account rose by 17,542 (8.32%).

Our Work


Bob Harper

The Jabbawockeez

Suzanne Somers

Zuzka Light (formerly of www.BodyRock.TV)

Hard Candy Fitness

Billy Blanks

Media Buying

The media buying team’s expertise in comprehensive advertising campaigns is unsurpassed in the fitness space. WIN’s full-service media programs include everything from demographic identification and targeting, to graphic design, to pre-roll video advertising on YouTube. Our success is bolstered by established relationships with key contacts in digital channels including Google, YouTube and Amazon as well as specific health/fitness related outlets in TV, print and digital.