studio productions

WIN is one of the premier fitness production houses in America.  It has been commissioned by studios and distributors including Lion’s Gate, Warner Bros, GAIAM, Anchor Bay Entertainment/Starz and Paramount Home Video to produce and direct celebrity-driven fitness media.

These productions feature fitness professionals including Bob Harper, Billy Blanks, Jane Fonda, MMA Champion Georges St-Pierre, Jennifer Galardi, Tara Stiles, Natalie Richardson and Target spokes model, Amber Lyons.

In addition, WIN has self-produced fitness programs with celebrities including Sting & Trudy Styler, Kim Kardashian, Julianne Hough, Lisa Rinna, Carmen Electra, and Kim Lyons.

WIN Studios is all-inclusive, holding a complete state of the art editing suite with a full time in-house edit staff.  WIN’s marketing and PR staff engage in branded messaging distribution via all-media outlets including TV, print, digital and social media sites.  WIN also has a fully functioning soundstage on premises with professional lighting grip and electric rooms capable of creating any show or segment on any time table.

meet WIN's director & producer

darranDarren Capik is an accomplished director and producer of commercial titles specializing in lifestyle, fitness, dance, fashion and beauty. In 2010 he partnered with renowned gurus to develop best-selling fitness programs including Billy Blanks’ “Billy’s Bootcamp”, Bob Harper’s “Inside Out Method” and “Ultimate Cardio Body”, Jane Fonda’s “Jane Fonda’s WORKOUT” and Georges St-Pierre’s “GSP RUSHFIT.”  In 2009 he directed “So You Think You Can Dance Get Fit” for 19 Entertainment, Kim Kardashian’s top selling series, “Fit In Your Jeans By Friday”, and shot in Italy at Sting and Trudie Styler’s estate where he created a six-part dynamic fitness and lifestyle series for Gaiam. He also directed Julianne Hough in “Dance with Julianne,” which is now a top-selling dance title.