Public Relations

Launching more than 100 fitness DVDs, numerous workout products and supplements has afforded WIN’s public relations team unparalleled relationships with the leading influencers in the space. WIN’s full-service public relations campaigns utilize the perfect balance of traditional (television, print) and modern (social, blogs, digital) communication channels. However, the process doesn’t stop after the initial pitch. Securing hits requires persistence, diligence and follow-thru. Weekly media trackers are delivered to clients, which allow for transparency and progress reporting.

Product Launches

First impressions count. By crafting a launch strategy to ensure a diverse array of targeted hits go live simultaneously, our team has led multiple launches to become bestselling successes. Whether you’re looking to launch a fitness program, DVD product, workout equipment, book or apparel, we have the tools to garner interest and buzz around your product!


You say tomato we say tomaato! Unfortunately if corporate and talent communications are not managed properly it can damage consumer confidence. To repair campaigns that have yielded unsatisfactory results, we recommend looking into our repositioning strategies. It’s not always about overhauling your business plan, but rather changing the way outbound communications are crafted and inbound inquiries are managed.

Awareness Building

You can’t buy something you don’t know about. Regardless of the size of your business or project, there are countless options for spreading the word about your unique value prepositions! Innovative pitches and cultivated media relationship allow us to craft stories about your products that will be picked up by a range of influencers who in turn become your brand ambassadors!

Communications Management

Let us handle that for you. Communications management requires daily maintenance – submitting new press kits and pitches, while diligently and aggressively followup with materials that have already been distributed. Our team understands the balance between persistence and irritation, which is crucial in managing relationships with the media. The bottom line is the stronger the relationship, the better the hits and in our space, our track record remains unmatched.